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Our Complete Substitution Kits Offer...

         Proven real world protection from urine testing invasions. For only $69.00 plus shipping our kits offer a pre-tested, certified, actual human urine sample that is individually tested at the nations largest private urine testing lab. Designed to easily be concealed on the body the kits are complete with chemically reactive supplemental heat sources and temperature monitoring system that insures proper acceptance temperature is maintained (Proper temperature is a critical element for acceptance at any testing site). You can use our kit in a natural urinating position, unisex (male or female), and you cannot be detected even if directly observed.

       Each kit contains a small reservoir pouch (about the size of a pack of cigarettes) that has a small diameter tube that can be routed to the genital area. The tube has a fitted silent quick release flow/stop clip that makes dispensing easy and natural. The kit can be stored indefinitely or kept at the ready in case of random type testing. These complete kits provide everything you need for (2) urine testing procedures.

Our kits work!!!

      We guarantee 100% satisfaction and 300% results. It works because it's easy to use and gives the piss police what they want.


After thousands of sales no one has ever failed a test when using our kit.

PPS Showing Our Ass On The Web!!!!
Proudly pissing on bladder patrol since 1995!

At Privacy Protection Service we believe that urine testing is an invasion of your privacy rights. PPS offers a chance to get even and give the piss police what they want. A "clean" urine sample, at proper body temperature, on demand even if directly observed.

In no way do we here at PPS advocate the use illegal drugs, but we do advocate that you exercise your Civil Liberties and protect your rights!

Stop searching!! No one else offers this service or product.

We Don't Offer...

We are not selling "herbs", "teas", or so called "spiking ingredients". Anyone that offers you these types of products with the promise that they will protect you when given a proper urinalysis are simply playing on your fears and ripping you off. Don't be a victim of hysteria and bogus product claims.

Privacy Protection Service
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