Ordering Information

There are three ways to order one of our kits.

Credit Card Orders:
To order with a credit card call Privacy Protection Service toll free at 1-877-949-PASS  or fill out an online order form. Before you place your order make sure you have your credit card information, shipping information, and shipping method. Kit cost is $49.00 ea.  plus the shipping method you select.

Shipping Methods:

Note: All next day orders are shipped signature required, exceptions made only if
requested in the comments box on the order page.

Attention: All credit card and processing information is sent and processed through fully secure servers using the latest in encryption technology. Rest assured that Privacy Protection Service has taken all steps to insure that your privacy and resources are safeguarded.

Note: Your zip code may not be serviceable by the carrier you select. It is your obligation to insure delivery is within your desired time frame. You may contact Federal Express at 1-800-GO-FEDEX to determine if the service you desire is available in your zip code from ours 29661.

To use the online form please make sure you have chosen one of the shipping methods listed above and have your credit card and shipping information in hand. 

Click here to order online

Send a check or money order for $49.00 to + Amount for shipping method you choose from above:

Allow 8 to 10 days for check clearance.

Western Union Payment:
Determine the shipping method you desire from the list above 
and add the cost of the shipping to the $49.00 purchase price.

Call Western Union at 1-800-325-6000.
You can use a credit card or locate a local 
office for cash transactions at this number. Tell them you wish
to send a "Money Wire Transfer" to:
Tracy Howard
Marietta, G.A.
(They require the receivers name/ID for your
Ask them for the Money Transfer
Control Number for your wire.
Simply call us with the transfer number and we will take
all your shipping and payment information.
If you make payment before 2:00pm eastern we
can usually deliver before 3:30pm next day in the US.
Note: You must call us at 1-877-949-7277 with the 
Money Transfer Control Number and shipping information 
or we will not know that you have sent your payment. 
Western Union will not notify us of your transaction.

(Add the cost of the shipping method you desire to the payment.)

Privacy Protection Service
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