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(Frequently Ask Questions)

1) How is the sample temperature maintained?

The proper acceptance temperature of a sample is the single most critical check that a collection site performs. The collection site personnel use temperature as a control because it is difficult to maintain proper temperature of a carried sample even if carried next to the body. Our kits come with chemically reactive heat packets (four included per kit) that work in conjunction with your body's natural thermal mass to maintain proper sample temperature for a full ten hours per heat pack used. You simply activate a heat pack by removing it's cellophane wrapper, it will start to heat up immediately, then you apply it to the sample reservoir and place the sample anywhere next to your body that fits your needs for concealment. Body heat alone is NOT enough to maintain proper acceptance temperature. Our kits provide you the means to keep proper temperature maintained for an exceptionally long use window.

2) How can I be sure that the sample temperature is correct before I give it?

Included in each kit is a direct read-out adhesive backed thermal strip just like the one on many testing cups. This strip is placed on the reservoir and provides "at a glance" assurance that the temperature of your kit is in proper acceptance range.

3) How do I store my kit?

We recommend storing your kit frozen. The sample will maintain it's integrity forever when frozen and can be ready for use from a frozen state in as little as five minutes simply by placing the reservoir in a sink and running hot tap water directly on it until it's close to use temperature. The kit can be thawed and refrozen many times without affecting it's quality. However many times storing frozen is simply not possible for some people. Fortunately this is not a problem in most cases because our kits can be kept a normal room temps for extended periods without degrading. We GUARANTEE our kits acceptance for a full thirty (30) days after sale regardless of storage. We must limit it to only thirty days because we simply cannot control the method of storage and many things such as exposure to extreme heat or light can speed degradation, but the actual shelf life if kept unfrozen is usually 6 months or more. There is no laboratory testing done to check the "age" of a sample. The only such check done is a visual check by the collection site staff for "normal" appearance. Because the reservoir pack is clear you can simply look at the sample before using and determine if it appears in good condition. Our kits have been used thousands of times under some of the most extreme conditions imaginable and no one has ever had a sample refused for acceptance. Storage of your sample will never cause the sample to fail and chemical test. The sample will simply be rejected if the site staff determines the sample to look "abnormal". It is important to remember that urine naturally varies in appearance greatly from person to person depending on what the person consumes so that the "normal" acceptance window is quite large.

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